# Right-to-left text support in INSTEAD!
hugeping(ping,1) — All
2020-11-01 09:53:56


Thanks to Mehdi Sadeghi the RTL support is merged in master branch!

To use RTL feature you need enable WITH_HARFBUZZ CMAKE flag. SDL2_ttf should be compiled with HarfBuzz too (default off)

There is game tag added -- Direction: rtl|auto.

# INSTEAD 3.1.0
Peter(syscall,1) — All
2017-08-20 10:44:07

Hi all! INSTEAD 3.1.0 is out. Bug fixes, new features and… The new html5 port INSTEAD-EM (emscripten build) is available as the official new port of INSTEAD! You can run any game from our repository here:

Changes of 3.1.0:

* emscripten port;
* fix div by zero in rnd;
* fix in loadmod (from gamefile);
* fix in path (.walk as function);
* fixes in doc;
* code cleanups (compilation warnings);
* instead.noise1/2/3/4 (Perlin Noise);
* pixels: scale()/rotate().

Binary builds will be available as soon as they are ready.